How do you get to be the Biggest Energy Saver? Smart meters provide several ways to better understand your electricity use to help you save energy and money for the chance to win Biggest Energy Saver prizes:

  1. Register at to see your daily electricity use down to fifteen-minute intervals to identify energy-saving opportunities and see the results of your energy-saving efforts. You’ll need your ESI ID and meter number, which appear on your electric bill.
  2. Check with your Retail Electric Provider, who sends your bill, to see if they offer weekly emails, bill forecasts, alerts, tips and other energy-saving tools made possible by smart meters. If they don’t, you can shop for a new provider at With smart meters, you can switch providers on the same day!
  3. Your Retail Electric Provider may also offer In-Home Display (IHD) energy monitors, which show your electricity use in near-real time to help you identify energy hogs in your home, forecast your bill, and get immediate feedback on your energy saving efforts.
  4. Ace is the place, right in your neighborhood, for the right products and expertise when making your home more energy-efficient. Visit to get the latest coupons and special offers.
  5. Southwest Energy Smarts offers a variety of In-Home Display (IHD) and Gateway energy monitoring products to help you monitor and manage your energy usage. The Gateways allow you to see your usage on a Smartphone or tablet as well as taking advantage of cloud services for even more capabilities. Visit for more information.

Plus you can get lots of energy-saving tips, tools, news and ideas from these helpful resources:

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