Smart decisions, big rewards! By taking small steps in making your home energy-efficient you can be rewarded with big prizes…

  • Hit the open road, or just the local lanes, with a pair of his and hers energy-efficient VESPA Scooters. Besides being great on gas, gentle on our environment, nice to look at… they squeeze into itty bitty parking spaces!
  • Take money out of our pockets and keep it in yours… we dare you! Use your home improvement prize to add solar panels to your home for clean, renewable energy… and a boat load of savings! Let us get you started on years of savings!
  • They call it efficiency and simplicity… I call it magic! Well perhaps it’s not magic but it will feel like your own world of illusions. Turn on the lights, lock the doors, adjust the climate, even lower the window shades… all with a touch of a button or on your phone. With a Smart Home System you are in command of your own magic show from home or on the road!
  • Oh no! It’s the top of the 2nd inning and your son’s at bat and you remember you forgot to put in the suds! No worries, simply send your washing machine a message to add the soap. Yes, you read it correctly… you never have to leave the bleachers! With a Smart Phone Control Washer and Dryer you don’t need to be home to do the laundry!
  • Plumbing, electric, lumber, lighting, painting, gardening… too many projects to choose from! Where do you start? Do you feel like a kid in a candy shop? Win a home improvement gift card and let your inner contractor be free!

So don’t delay, start saving energy today and you may be the winner of one of these prizes (and many more)… and be the 2013 Biggest Energy Saver!